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How 'bout this?

So, here's an idea I had, something we've done in other comms I've been in, and it totally worked well there.

A comm-wide chat, at least for slayers and watchers/staff. Get slayers assigned a watcher, get all the intros squared away.

I know not everyone can be online at the same time. So we take a quick consensus, and one of the mods will pick a time, and we'll all do the chat. It worked great for this group I was in before, they made it a weekly thing there (totally not suggesting that here, it'd be a lot to do and tagging works so well here).

I think this would help all the slayers meet everyone at once, meet each other, get alliances made, enemies made, whatever. Sort of like a "school is in session" assembly. Cuz, face it, most of us are just running randomly around and there is no specific set plot for anyone. It's sort of getting real confusing and real old.

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